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      2. SAIC Anji Logistics Co., LTD.

        Hotline:86 21 25050666
        Business Area

        Business Area

        Vehicle logistics

        Integrated logistics resources and service means to provide integrated logistics solutions for customers. Adhering to the service concept of "serving customers", we are committed to providing customers with the overall solution of supply chain management. Through the design of the overall solution of the supply chain, it helps the customers to improve the operation efficiency of the supply chain and reduce the logistics cost, so that the customers can focus on the development of the core competitiveness. By providing a personalized supply chain solution, anji vehicle logistics enjoys a high reputation in automotive logistics.

        Good luck is the first free mobile application product developed by anji logistics based on mobile Internet technology. It is committed to providing efficient vehicle delivery platform for social vehicles.

        Parts plate

        Parts logistics

        Established on June 12, 2002, ANJI-CEVA Logistics Co., Ltd. (its predecessor is Shanghai Anji Automotive Component Logistics Co., Ltd.) is the first Sino-foreign automotive logistics joint venture in China. Nowadays, ANJI-CEVA has owned over 20 branches and subsidiaries, providing reliable logistics service for over 20 vehicle manufacturing factories, over 140 component suppliers, over 10000 dealers, about 30 non-automotive clients, and over 200 component suppliers distributed among over 40 countries throughout five continents.

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        Port logistics

        A “T-shape” logistics network along the coast and rivers has been established in Shanghai, Dalian, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan and Chongqing for port logistics. It is the only logistics enterprise in China covering every important ro-ro port along the coast and rivers providing integrated automotive logistics solution for clients. In the future, Anji Logistics will have pivots such as advanced smart high-rise warehouse with 24 appropriated berths for roll-roll shipment, 4865m of shoreline, and about 4 million㎡ of land area, its annual handling capacity reaching 5 million commercial vehicles.

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        Shipping logistics

        There are two subsidiaries under the shipping sector of Anji Logistics: Shanghai Ansheng Automotive Shipping Co., Ltd. and Anji Shipping Co., Ltd. At present the company has 25 operating vessels, with its annual vehicle transport capacity exceeding 1.5 million vehicles. It has already established 7 waterway operation centers, covering main ports along the coast and rivers, and opened up 6 stable liner routes along the Yangtze River and the northern and southern shores. With the group’s overseas strategy, it has by now opened up self-run international ro-ro routes to Southeast Asia and North America. Its international ro-ro business has covered regions including North America, Europe, North Africa and Southeast Asia, and formed a river, sea and ocean transport network with water transportation centers and core routes as the main body, providing “door-to-door” third-party logistics service for clients.

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        Commercial vehicles and equipment logistics

        With the network resources and service concept of Anji Logistics, the Commercial Vehicle and Equipment Logistics Division provides integrated supply chain service and optimization plan for domestic and international commercial vehicle and equipment logistics manufacturing enterprises and is responsible for implementation, thus realizing the capacity spillover of Anji Logistics.

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        Express logistics

        Established in 2017 and located at the National Convention and Exhibition Centre of Shanghai, Anji Express (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a company providing network-based logistics integrated supply chain service, which is mainly engaged in medium and large-size break-bulk business. Its business is mainly targeted at small and medium-size enterprise clients and individuals, and it provides one-stop logistics supply chains service from logistics warehouse, transportation to distribution.

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        Overseas logistics

        The Overseas Division is an international network platform of Anji created to provide strategic assurance for Anji Logistics and convoy SAIC Motor. On October 25, 2013, its first overseas company Anij Riyou (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was officially established. In 2015 the Indonesian project and North American project were initiated. In 2016 Anji Logistics North American Co., Ltd. was officially established. In 2017 Anji Riyou Punina (Indonesia) Co., Ltd. was established. And in October2017, Anji International Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was officially established. By now, the Anji Logistics Overseas Network Platform including the Chinese headquarters, Asia Pacific and North America has been preliminarily established.


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        Information section

        The information sector of Anji Logistics grasps the innovative development opportunity brought by emerging technologies, actively explores business innovation round the informationization of logistics supply chain, forms products and solutions with industry characteristics, and provides digital driving force for improvement of logistics service capacity and sustainable development of clients.