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      2. SAIC Anji Logistics Co., LTD.

        Hotline:86 21 25050666

        Subsidiary of Anji Logistics, Anji Technology, Made its Official Debut at CIIF

        2017-11-08 Reading 7935


        On November 11, 2017, the subsidiary of Anji Logistics, Anji Technology, made its official debut at the 19th China International Industry Fair with a new integrated smart logistics solution. It introduced to the logistics industry its black technology with application first in the automobile manufacturing industry with intellectualization, IoT, and sharing as the core.


        The innovative integrated smart logistics solution consists of core technologies including iValon smart logistics system platform, ASRS automated warehousing system, driverless forklift/trailer, VCSS, mobile rack robot, and automated intelligent guided vehicle, and smart logistics distribution systems including smart logisticsvehicles, drones, and at-ease cabinet.

        Any way, starting from the moment when materials leave the production line, this solution has realized visualized and automated intelligent delivery. The entire process is seamlessly connected and written at one stretch! It can help clients of various fields such as automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing, electronics, E-commerce, tobacco, medicine, daily use chemicals, and clothing to increase profits, lower costs, and reduce quite a lot of risks.

        In addition, at this CIIF, Anji Technology also brought intelligent logistics vehicles and their helpers—drones and at-ease cabinets. They are theessentialcomponents of the smart logistics delivery system!



         Introduction to Anji Smart Logistics Delivery System

        Smart logistics vehicles mostly adopt automatic system combining vehicle-bonegoods shelf and vehicle-bonestacker to store and transport goods. After logistics vehicle arrives at the destination, it will use vehicle-bonestacker to move the goods o shelf to the cargo access port at the co-pilot position for fast manual delivery, or the cargo access port at car roof skylight position to let drones to automatically grab goods and stop at the top middle position of at-ease cabinet. Drones will release the bottom clamp, and place goods at the top of at-ease cabinet. The mechanical structure in the middle of theat-ease cabinet can rise and fall and rotate. The middle inner core will bring the goods to the designated height, rotate to designated container, and push the package into the container from its back.


        As a BEV model, intelligent logistics vehicles can effectively realize energy saving and emission reduction, and put into practice the concept of green and environmentalprotectionand the road of new energy development. Besides, operating in cooperation with drones and at-ease cabinet, logisticsvehicles have greatly enhanced the ex-warehouse efficiency of packages, reduced labor cost, effectively improved the goods delivery efficiency, and solved the“the last mile” delivery problem.


        Parameters & highlights of EV80 Electric Logistics Vehicles


        “Under the context of increasingly fierce competition and continuouslyincreasing labor cost with efficiency, quality and reputation of the uttermost importance, in 2025, the scale of China’s intelligent logisticsmarket may exceed 1000 billion yuan. Considering the fact that at present labor cost accounts for about 40% of the totalenterprise revenues, Anji Technology has developed the iValon intelligent logistics system platform targeting the logistics market. With the integrated smart logistics solution, it has brought huge saving of costs for clients, and providedwonder-working magic for logistics application industry in the ever-changingmarket.”


        ——Deputy General Manager Jin Bin of SAIC Motor Anji Technology


        With the in-depth development of made in China 2015 and industry 4.0, in the future, Anji will continue to focus on the difficult point and pain spot of the industry and explore innovation to create new competitive advantages for China’s manufacturing industry and lay more solid foundation for constructing China into a great manufacturing power!

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